Panfix Cellulose Tape Display Shelve Program

Program introduction- Mongson & Panfix

Mongson Trading Co. Ltd., aims to introduce Panfix cellulose tape into the student and office market in China. Panfix cellulose tape is environmental friendly and made of natural raw materials. To achieve our objective, we strive to seek top notch retailers in the Guangdong province to help us penetrate the market through Panfix display shelve program.

Panfix products have broad usage and is a long-established brand. The success of Panfix is partly due to our main distributors and their excellent sales team’s effort in finding and building passionate teams. Together we look forward to achieving sales target and develop a long-term collaboration that benefits all parties.

On the road to success- complimentary display shelve program

Panfix display shelves have been placed at various retail locations in China for end consumers to experience the uniqueness of Panfix products and to enhance the brand’s reputation in the market.
Collaboration principals:

  1. Together as one team
  2. Role, Responsibility and Reward
  3. All participating parties are stakeholders

To celebrate Nichiban’s 100th year of establishment and to acknowledge the support different tier of distributors and retailers have been giving us, distributors who participate in the program will receive a complimentary display shelve with Panfix products. Through providing the display shelve, we hope to help participating distributors and retailers to create an attractive sales scheme that will help them gain more profit. Panfix’s products are reliable and a promised brand for profit growth and we want to take the opportunity through this complimentary program to promote Panfix products’ excellent quality to various distributors, retailers and end consumers.

Product advantage – One of a kind

  1. Easy tearing and does not leave residue- comparable all other imported brands
  2. Biodegradable- follow global environmental trend and environmental friendly products
  3. Product quality has been consistent due to the use of natural and outstanding raw materials
  4. Excellent quality guaranteed- comprehensive testing report available upon request

Know more about Panfix products

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